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A GeeFree Mother’s Day!

Can you believe Mother’s Day (May7th) is around the corner? Now we can feel a bit more comfortable gathering again, and making up for lost family time. A “Brunch” style gathering board is a perfect way to celebrate the special day and honor Mom. With our GeeFree products, no one need be left out.

Our Bagel Puffs are a perfect building block for the occasion, and they bake up in minutes. The Cinnamon Raisin Bagel puffs will satisfy the sweet tooth. Perfect with jam or alone. And the plain and everything Bagel Bites work with just about anything charcuterie style. Lox, sausage, cheese, pickeled vegetables are the perfect accompaniment. Add some fresh seasonal fruit, olives, mustards or garnish and you’ll see how easy it is to make this a beautiful centerpiece for mom, and support the gluten free lifestyle.

On the same track, just thought it would be worth mentioning here - I love creating a special board just for young ones in the family. You might want to try it, as they love this. You could feature peanut butter, jelly Nutella, fun sliced cheeses, raisins, cheerios, bagel puffs of any sort, and small cut pieces of fruit. Then the kids won’t feel left out, and it’ll keep them busy and happy.

Wishing “MOM” a Happy Mother’s Day from the GeeFree Family.


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