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4 Juicy Gluten-Free Peach Puff Pastry Recipes

August is National Peach Month, and it’s the perfect time to enjoy this sweet, juicy fruit to the fullest. Take a look at our favorite gluten-free peach puff pastry recipes for summer!

Peach Turnovers

If you’ve never tried making turnovers before, these Peach Turnovers from Serious Eats are a great place to start. With just the right amount of cinnamon and sugar, these sweet treats are bound to be a hit with the whole family!

Peach Tarts

When your kitchen is overflowing with ripe, juicy peaches, a big batch of these Peach Tarts from Lovely Little Kitchen is in order. These have just a touch of sweetness, so they really let the peaches shine. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the shape of these tarts, and serve them with some vanilla ice cream or fresh whipped cream on the side.

Peaches ‘n Cream Puff Pastries

Who doesn’t love a classic combo like peaches and cream? This Peaches ‘n Cream Puff Pastry recipe from Cooking With a Wallflower takes this traditional combination and wraps it up in a neat puff pastry package. These peach puff pastries are easy to customize to your preferred sweetness level, and they’re super easy to make gluten-free, thanks to our ready-to-bake puff pastry!

Peach Plum Rose Tarts

Apple roses took over our Instagram feed last winter, but this summer we’ve set our sights on the equally gorgeous Peach Plum Rose Tarts from Two Purple Figs. These stunningly simple treats only require two ingredients — fruit and puff pastry —but your family and friends and family will probably think they came from your city’s fanciest bakery. To make these extra special, sprinkle some cinnamon and sugar on top!

No matter the occasion, these juicy peach puff pastry treats are sure to be a hit. And if you keep some of our gluten-free puff pastry on hand, you can whip up a few whenever you like!  Shop our online store or check our store locator to find the GeeFree closest to you.

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