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What Can You Make With Gluten-Free Puff Pastry?

Anna Sonnenberg |

gluten-free puff pastry recipes


If you’re just getting started with gluten-free baking or you’re new to working with puff pastry, you might be surprised to learn just how flexible gluten-free puff pastry is. So how can you use it? From simple tarts to multilayered baklava, find out what you can make with gluten-free puff pastry!

Sweet and Savory Tarts

One of the best things about making tarts is that they can be as easy or as challenging as you want. Plus, puff pastry works well with both sweet and savory recipes. Try making a super simple fruit tart, and you’ll only need three or four ingredients to whip up an impressive dessert. If you’re hungry for something savory, our gluten-free Egg, Cheese & Bacon Breakfast Tart will be the star of your weekend brunch.

Pot Pies

If you’re craving some serious comfort food, pot pies are always the right answer. We’re partial to our ready-to-bake chicken pot pie, but if you’d rather start from scratch, we have the perfect recipe. This gluten-free Steak & Mushroom Pot Pie is rich and hearty, and it’s a breeze to make in individual sizes for the whole family to enjoy.

Puff Pastry Pizzas

We’re big pizza fans, but we’re not always in the mood for a traditional crust — or standard toppings for that matter. Fortunately, you can get creative with a sheet of puff pastry and your choice of toppings. Not feeling like pepperoni or cheese? Fall in love with this Smoked Salmon & Avocado Pizza!


It’s just about impossible to find gluten-free cannoli out in the wild. But did you know that you can make your own version with puff pastry? Our gluten-free cannoli recipe has step-by-step instructions to help you perfect this indulgent treat. In fact, the hardest part is going to be deciding whether or not you want to add chocolate chips to the finished product!


When you really want to treat yourself or show off your baking skills, challenge yourself to get creative with puff pastry. For the ultimate sweet treat, try your hand at our gluten-free baklava. It takes a little time to layer the puff pastry, honey, and walnuts, but we guarantee that this gluten-free dessert will be worth the wait.

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