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Gluten-Free Puff Pastry Donuts? Yes You Can!

Anna Sonnenberg |

gluten-free puff pastry donuts

Why make the early morning trip to your nearest donut shop when you could get creative in the kitchen and make these fun morning sweets just the way you like them? Start your day with gluten-free puff pastry donuts and learn how this easy-to-use gluten-free dough makes the perfect breakfast treats!

Puff Pastry Cronuts

If you’ve always wanted to try a cronut but don’t have the patience to stand in those long lines, you’ll want to make these Puff Pastry Cronuts from Brown Sugar right away. These vanilla glazed puff pastry donuts might look simple, but they’re packed with buttery puff pastry and drizzled with a deliciously sweet glaze.

Puff Pastry Donuts With Cinnamon Sugar

Add a little fall flavor to your morning with these Puff Pastry Donuts with Cinnamon Sugar from The Kitchy Kitchen. These easy puff pastry donuts have two levels of flavor, with a dusting of cinnamon sugar and a rich maple glaze on top. Use our gluten-free puff pastry and some gluten-free flour for an easy recipe conversion.

Puff Pastry Donuts With Bourbon Glaze

Need to add a little extra kick to your morning? These Puff Pastry Donuts with Bourbon Glaze from Baker Bettie are the perfect solution. In fact, these bourbon glazed donuts would make for a delicious dessert, too!

Cookies and Cream Puff Pastry Donuts

Can you eat cookies for breakfast? Sure you can, with this Cookies and Cream Puff Pastry Donuts recipe from How Sweet Eats! If you’re baking gluten-free, just replace the Oreos with a gluten-free chocolate sandwich cookie — and dig in.

Puff Pastry Donuts With Berry Glaze

These Puff Pastry Donuts with Berry Glaze from Dessert for Two almost look too pretty to eat, but we’re sure these will disappear quickly from your breakfast table. You’ll want to use a mix of berries to achieve that stunning pink color, but you could also experiment to get a purple or a red glaze, too!

How amazing do these puff pastry donuts look? Stock up on gluten-free puff pastry in the GeeFree store or use our store locator to find GeeFree at a supermarket near you!

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