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GREAT NEW’S – Geefree’s

A big thanks to all our GeeFree fans and followers! We have some exiting news for you! As you know GeeFree is a leading brand of frozen food products that supports the Gluten Free lifestyle. And the gluten free life is as important to us as to you. With that, we want to share that our brand has been bought by The Fiilo Factory.

The Fillo factory is no stranger to the GeeFree Brand. They have been the manufacturing arm of our company from the start They have years of experience in the gluten free realm, and also in developing inspired, organic, healthier convenience products. The Fiilo Factory is a perfect fit for us to push the needle forward, and make GeeFree products available everywhere. Fillo Factory is a family owned business who values quality, has great ideas, and customer satisfaction always driving their brands!
Fasten your seatbelts, we see big things ahead for our GeeFree Brand.

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