The story of GeeFree Gluten-Free began when Susan visited with friends while traveling overseas. The family needed to avoid gluten, and they served Susan the most delicious puff pastries. A longtime food professional, Susan had never had anything quite like these crispy, tender, and tasty treats.

Excited, she wasted no time calling master baker and friend Steve. “We have to find a way to bring this to the United States!” she said. When distribution proved too complex, Susan and Steve worked to recreate and perfect what Susan knew would be a sensational hit.

The first four frozen products in the GeeFree line are the savory Spanakopita, scrumptious Franks in Blankets, delicious Chicken Pot Pie, and easy-to-use Puff Pastry Sheets. You don’t need to have a gluten sensitivity to appreciate these amazing dishes.

Susan Hougui

Susan has worked in the food industry for over a decade. She loves everything about food. Her favorite thing is to create something that is new and different.

"Just seeing the smile on people’s faces when they taste something that is new and delicious keeps me looking for that something special."

Steven Leyva

Steven is an award-winning baker who has been honored for his high quality cheesecakes, breads, quiches, cakes, and other baked goods. His family has been dedicated to the culinary arts for over 60 years.

"I’m always looking for great tasting alternatives for people with dietary restrictions. I couldn’t be more proud of this line."

Why Gluten-Free?

For many of us, eating a gluten-free diet is a necessity. And for an ever-increasing number of us, living gluten-free is a decision that just makes us feel our best. Gluten is a type of protein found in wheat, rye and barley. We realize how hard it is for people with special dietary needs, like celiac disease, to find great-tasting frozen specialties. GeeFree has validated through analytical testing that our products contain no traces of gluten.

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